Piaggio (Vespa) Scooters 1991-2009 Repair Manual


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Piaggio (Vespa) Scooters 1991-2009, Models –, Typhoon 125cc 1995-2004, Zip 50 2T 50cc 1993-2009, Zip SP 50cc 1997-2005, Zip RS 50cc 2009, Zip 4T 50cc 2001-2008, Zip 100cc 2007-2008, Zip 125cc 2001-2004, Fly 50 2T 50cc 2005-2009, Fly 50 4T 50cc 2006-2009, Fly 100cc 2007-2009, Fly 125cc 2005-2009, Skipper 125cc 1993-2000, Skipper ST 125cc 2001-2004, Super Hexagon 125cc 2001-2003, Liberty 50 2T 50cc 1997-2009, Liberty 50 4T 50cc 2001-2008, Liberty 125cc 2000-2009, NRG MC2 50cc 1997-2000, MC3 DT/DD 50cc 2001-2004, Power DT 50cc 2005-2009, Power DD 50cc 2005-2009, B125 Beverly 125cc 2002-2006, X9 125cc 2001-2008, X8 125cc 2005-2008, Hexagon 125cc 1994-2000, ET2 50cc 1997-2004, ET4 50 50cc 2001-2004, ET4 125cc 1996-2004, LX50 2T 50cc 2005-2009, LX50 4T 50cc 2005-2009, LXV50 50cc 2008-2009, LX125 125cc 2005-2009, LXV125 125cc 2008-2009, S50 50cc 2007-2009, S125 125cc 2007-2009, GT125 125cc 2003-2007, GTS125 125cc 2008-2009, GTV125 125cc 2007-2009, GT200 200cc 2003-2006, Engine –, Petrol: 50cc (Sfera 50, Typhoon 50, Zip, ET2, NRG MC³ DT, Liberty 50, Hi-Per2 engine: Zip 50, Fly 50, S50, Liberty 50, NRG Power DT) two-stroke air-cooled single cylinder, Petrol: 50cc (NRG MC², NRG MC³ DD, Zip SP/RS, NRG Power DD) two-stroke liquid-cooled single cylinder, Petrol: 49cc, 100cc & 125cc four-stroke air cooled, with fan assisted air cooling OHC single cylinder, Petrol: 125cc four-stroke liquid cooled 4-valve OHC single cylinder, PLEASE NOTE that this manual is intended for vehicles built to UK specifications. Although it is useful when the products or systems are similar to those in other markets, there may still be significant differences, especially in areas concerned with safety and emission control.

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