BMW 2-Valve Twins


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R45 473cc 78-85, R50 498cc 69-73, R60 599cc 69-78, R65 649cc 78-88, R65LS 649cc 81-85, R75 745cc 69-77, R80 797cc 84-94, R80/7 797cc 77-80, R80G/S* 797cc 80-87, R80R 797cc 1994, *Includes Paris-Dakar versionsR80RT 797cc 82-94, R90/6 898cc 73-76, R90/S 898cc 73-76, R100 979cc 80-84, R100/7 979cc 76-79, R100T 979cc 79-80, R100ST 979cc 1980, *Includes Paris-Dakar R80GS 797cc 87-94, R80ST 797cc 82-84,versions

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