BMW 2-valve Twins 1970-1996 Repair Manual


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BMW 2-valve Twins 1970-1996, Models –, R45 473cc 1978-1985 UK, R50 498cc 1970-1973 (UK); 1969-1973 (USA), R60 599cc 1970-1978 (UK); 1969-1978 (USA), R65 649cc 1978-1988 (UK); 1979-1987 (USA), R65LS 649cc 1981-1985 (UK); 1982-1984 (USA), R75 745cc 1970-1977 (UK); 1969-1977 (USA), R80 797cc 1984-1994 (UK); 1985-1987 (USA), R80/7 797cc 1977-1980, R80G/S (Including Paris-Dakar versions) 797cc 1980-1987 (UK); 1981-1986 (USA), R80GS 797cc 1987-1994 (UK), R80ST 797cc 1982-1984 (UK); 1983-1984 (USA), R80R 797cc 1994 (UK), R80RT 797cc 1982-1994 (UK); 1983-1987 (USA), R90/6 898cc 1973-1976, R90/S 898cc 1973-1976, R100 979cc 1980-1984, R100/7 979cc 1976-1979 (UK); 1976-1978 (USA), R100T 979cc 1979-1980, 100ST 979cc 1980 (USA), R100TR 979cc 1982-1983 (USA), R100SP 979cc 1982-1983 (USA), R100S 979cc 1976-1980, R100CS 979cc 1980-1984 (UK); 1981-1984 (USA), R100RS 979cc 1976-1992, R100SRS 979cc 1978 (UK), R100RT 979cc 1979-1996, R100R 979cc 1992-1996, R100GS (Including Paris-Dakar versions) 979cc 1987-1996, Engines – Petrol: Horizontally opposed twin-cylinder, PLEASE NOTE that this manual is intended for vehicles built to US specifications. Although it is useful when the products or systems are similar to those in other markets, there may still be significant differences, especially in areas concerned with safety and emission control.,

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